The magical tale of the fox and the mushroom

This beautiful fox staring intently at a piece of  flying sausage lives in Leeds.

She comes round to this house every breakfast and dinner. Her family have been visiting for generations and she has about five or six brothers and sisters.

Sometimes she comes alone, sometimes with others.

Whenever the Human family who look after the foxes go out for dinner, they will often ask for a ‘fox bag’ instead of a ‘doggy bag’ to take home to their orange friends. When the foxes first started visiting they were given dog food but didn’t like it, so now it’s a steady diet of sausage.

About two weeks ago this Fox’s mother, who had been visiting the Humans for more than eight years, uncharacteristically disappeared. In her place grew a mushroom. It’s the same big mushroom you see sitting in front of the little fox in the above photograph. It is the only mushroom on the entire lawn and little fox pees on it two or three times a day.

Perhaps it’s purely marking its scent where it’s mother used to sit, or maybe the mushroom symbolises something we will never understand. Either way, it’s another wonderful, magical and mysterious tale from the animal kingdom. 



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