Rescuing baby elephants

During the Covid lockdown, I helped Save the Elephants rescue two baby elephants in Northern Kenya.

The first, Bule, was found by locals wandering on the main road near Archer’s Post. She was extremely vocal and strong, even trying to knock me over in the process!

The second, Lomunyak (Lucky in Samburu) was not in such great shape. Rescued from the croc-infested Ewaso river by staff at Elephant Watch Camp, Lomunyak was covered in cuts and bites which we assume were from a lion attack.

Both babies were taken to Reteti Elephant Sanctuary in the remote Mathews Rangers in Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy where they have joined two other orphans – Long’uro (who lost half his trunk to a hyena attack while stuck in a well) and sweet Sera who was also found in a well.

All four calves, aged under six months, now have a wonderful routine of milk feedings, dust baths, afternoon sleeps, daily walks and lessons on foraging and are under the excellent care of the Reteti keepers.

While this doesn’t make up for the tragic loss of their mothers and herd, at least the little ones have a future and are safe. They will stay at Reteti until they are independent and old enough to be rehabilitated back into the wild.

I went to visit them a couple of months ago and took these photographs. To donate to Reteti go to

The author with Bule and Sera at Reteti
Bule and Sera at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary
Say ahhhh! Lomanyuk gets some TLC from keeper Naomi Leshonguro
Sera (rear) follows Bule around everywhere. The two are inseparable!
Feeding time

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