Prince Fluffy Kareem: helping horses, donkeys and camels in the Pyramid area of Cairo, Egypt

I want to give a huge shout out to Prince Fluffy Kareem – aka PFK – an amazing charity that helps horses, camels and donkeys in the pyramid area of Cairo, Egypt.

Their work is incredible, inspiring, tough, challenging, sad and life-changing. 

Norwegian horse lover, Marte, and Egyptian stable manager Sherif alongside Emma Thompson from the UK run the PFK stable with 13 horses, of which 11 are rescues.  In addition to stabling rescues, PFK foster other working horses that need rest and treatment for various issues, run clinics where local horse owners bring their horses for treatment and have made three editions of custom made saddle pads for those horses with horrendous saddle sores.  

Please check out their website and facebook page. And donate if you can – it’s for an amazing worthwhile cause.

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