Little piggies go to the park in London

Monday  May 27 2013



This has to be one of the best things I’ve seen in London in my whole ten years here. I was walking with a friend through Ravenscourt Park today and ranting about how I needed more nature and time with animals when there in the middle of the park were two enormous pigs!

They were the gorgeous sweetest kunekune pigs, twin brothers called Snout and Crackling. They both wore dog harnesses and grunted, snuffled and ate copius amounts of fresh green grass.

Other dogs didn’t quite know what to make of them including one springer spaniel that leapt in the air with fright when Snout started grunting. Their owner, Toni,  lives down the road with two cats, two dogs, three children, a husband and the two kune kunes and wants to start a city farm. Respect to her. I can barely take care of myself!

The pigs live in her very large back yard and she has about a million permits from the local council to keep them.  Both Snout and Crackling were so chilled and only started squealing when it was time to go home. They are quite regular visits to Ravenscourt Park although sadly poor Snout, who is only two years old, has been badly attacked by dogs four times.

Kunekune pigs were introduced to New Zealand by Captain Cook. According to the British Kunekune pig society, kunekunes are friendly hairy pigs, the smallest domesticated breed of pig in the world and a firm favourite among pet pig owners due to their placid friendly nature and love of human company.

Thank you to Toni for letting us meet your pigs! You made my day.




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