oyster festival

Whitstable image shortlisted in Daily Telegraph competition

My black and white image of pier jumpers at the Oyster Festival in picturesque Whitstable was named as a finalist alongside eight other photographs in the Daily Telegraph’s weekly travel competition The Big Picture in August 2016. This was one of those lucky shots where everything played out perfectly. I remember seeing people jumping off the pier during the first day of the festival. It was an unusually hot Summer’s day in England and the crowds were taking  full advantage of the weather drinking beer, paddling in the shallows and diving into the sea. The next day I returned with my camera gear,  clambered through the[…]


Weeping over Oysters in Whitstable

Growing up in New Zealand, my British grandparents would regale me with stories about the quirky traditions and village pastimes of English people, including how they’d roll cheese downhill in the Cotswold, pay homage to chalk men with enormous appendages in Dorset, and bless oysters with holy water in Kent. Of course I would giggle at their stories, never sure whether they were telling the truth – I mean why would anyone chase cheese?!  – but I always secretly harboured a desire to find out for myself; to visit the UK and see whether there really were naked chalk giants in the hills and priests in white robes uttering[…]