Facebook reunites mum with family of war-time German nanny

So here’s a beautiful and moving story I want to share …. It’s not a travel story as such but it’s certainly a story that’s travelled a long way and over a very long time …. Several days ago a lady from Kiel Germany contacted me via Facebook to ask if I was the granddaughter of Wing Commander Edward Gordon Gedge and his wife Eileen – which I am. Her name was Dagmar and she said she was the daughter of my mum’s nanny from more than sixty years ago and had been searching for us. Her mum Cristel cared[…]


Berlin – the Graffiti Mecca of the Urban Art World

I recently spent four days in the incredible city of Berlin and came across these fantastic signs and graffiti dotted around the city. They don’t call Berlin the Graffiti Mecca of the Urban Art world for no reason! Below are some of the images I took including subtle message high on a building near Mitte, the very cool Shit Shop in Rückerstraße, Yes You Are neon at Oliv cafe in Munzstrasse where they serve awesome vege salads and juice, and the People’s Theatre – Volksbuehne.   Of course these are just the tip of the iceberg. The city is full of art, graffiti and incredible architecture –[…]